Hanoi Street Food Court- 35$
Street Food Court Tour is organized as combination between Hanoi well- known dishes and easy sightseeing, we will use a car for transfer from a place to other one, you can have a glance about Hanoi city at noon or night.

     **Hanoi Street Food Court Tour**       


 "Best time from 10.30- 13.30 or 17.30- 20.30"

At 10.30/or 17.30, tour guide and car driver will pick you up in your hotel lobby, then transfer 5- 10 minutes to street food court where you see all best Vietnamese street food in an easy location, just sit down and enjoy a lot of popular street food and drink for an hour. 

The street food court with loads of stalls on the sides cooking all the different dishes, We will give you an experience to taste local food and drink, we ensue that the food is handled hygienically and provide a comfortable venue for the tastings. The benefit that you can come back.

Tour guide will introduce to you about ingredients and recipe of cooking and provide around 8- 10 dishes below.

01,Grilled pork & noodle "Bun Cha",

02, Crispy Vietnamese pancake "Banh Xeo"

03, Fried spring rolls with pork "Nem Ran".

04, Hanoi style Fried fish "Cha Ca", 

05, Steamed rice paper- roll pancake "Banh Cuon", 

06, Sticky Rice "Xoi Xeo"

07, Fresh spring rolls with shrimp "Goi Cuon", 

08, Hanoi Baguette "Banh Mi", 

09Noodle soup with chicken or beef "Pho Ga/ Bo",

10, Hanoi beer, dessert (seasonal fruit), Egg coffee or Iced lemon tea "Tra Chanh"

After enjoying the street food court,  you will be passed some main attractions: Hoan Kiem Lake, Opera House, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, West Lake, Eiffel bridge, then tour guide will introduce to you about there highlights.

At 13.30/or 20.30, say goodbye with our tour guide and finish the tour.

                                                    The price in USD per person

 Group tour (Max 8pax)

Private tour (2pax)

Private tour (3- 4pax)

Private tour (5- 8pax)

 35$/ 1 person

 45$/ 1 person

40$/ 1 person

35$/ 1 person


+ English speaking tour guide

+ Car/ van transfer 
+ Well- known 8 dishes 
+ All drink (coffee, beer...)
+ City at a glance 


+ Tips (not compulsory).

+ Seafood (surcharged 15$/ 1 person)

* Feature:
    - Combined street food court with city at a glance
    - It is good for family with kids and senior people 

    - No scare for crazy traffic such as walking or motorbike 


- Customize your chosen time if private tour.

- The Group tour has maximum 8 clients together.


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